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This proposal aims at developing futuristic hi-tech hi-definition wearable glasses where the viewer can stream hi-quality media such as internet video directly to the plasma screen embedded in his glasses and can watch at the convenience of a wear. The glasses can also act as a simple eye-aid thereby serving multiple purposes at the same time.

The figure shows how a typical futuristic wearable glasswear might look like. Let's first look at the components of the glasses before explaining how exactly it would operate or be used. The glasses comprise of a 15cm plasma screen which gives a high-quality video viewing experience to the user. The direction of viewing is indicated in the diagram. Now this plasma screen can be docked so that the glasses can also serve as a normal eye-aid to the person wearing it. Secondly, there are earplugs which are connected through the underlying electrical circuit to the plasma screen. There are also slots for storage and CF cards to provide inbuilt memory storing capacity and internet capability to the glasswear. SD, MM and other storage cards with capacities ranging from 64 to 512 MB or higher can be used with the storage card. Similarly a variety of CF slot compatible WLAN or Global Internet cards can be used. Lastly there is a re-chargeable battery and USB port embedded within the glassware with an outer coating of any corrosion resistant material. The USB connection can be used to transfer files and sync between the glassware and an external PC or laptop.


The working of the skaroscope is simply a natural extension of its conceptual diagram as shown above. However it still needs adequate explanation. Basically the user simply has to put on the glasswear and get ready to experience its tremendous power. He will be given the option of switching on and off the plasma screen so that it can display moving images and streaming media in non-docked position and act as a normal eye-aid in its docked position. On wearing the glasses, the user can now request streaming media to be displayed by selecting choices from those displayed on the screen. The tracking of the screen pointer is done by tracking the movement of the user's eyeball and selection of choices is made through a button attached to the screen which is analogous to that of the left-button of a normal computer mouse. Once the selection is made, the equipment checks whether the requested media is available locally in the form of data stored on the detachable storage card or whether the media has been requested to be streamed from the internet.

If the former is the case, then local media is read immediately and displayed on the plasma screen else the media is requested via the WLAN card from the internet. In this case an active connection to the internet will be made available automatically by the glasswear and the streaming media content will be dynamically downloaded and displayed on the user's plasma screen. The user can now simply watch his favorite movie or that missed soap last night or even enjoy mp3 music if the streaming media content is of this form. Thus depending upon the media content, the plasma screen will be used only if video channel is available in the stream. If not then its a music or another audible file and at this time the plasma screen automatically docks and the glasswear can be used as a normal eye-aid by the user.

The other convenient feature that is available through the glasswear is that of syncing and transferring data with an external PC or laptop computer. In this case the USB connection port attached to the glasswear can be used to connect the particular USB cable. The user can now automatically have all his important data such as emails and other data files to be stored on the Storage card. Thus the glasswear not only acts as a device which is used to provide entertainment to the user on-the-go but can also act as a file storage equipment to hold the user's critical data.

All in all the skaroscope is a not a very distant wearable computing proposal and can provide extreme convenience and help to the user who is constantly on-the-go and wishes to have entertainment and his critical data packaged together in a smart customizable device.

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