Single Circuit Arduino-Xbee

The Single circuit Arduino-Xbee (SCAXb) is a unique solution that addresses the integrated and on-board wireless communication needs of the Open Source Arduino Community. This custom circuit integrates the core functionality of Arduino based microcontrollers such as ATMEGA 8/168/328 with the popular Xbee modules. Designed using the Eagle PCB software, this circuit provides an integrated microcontroller-Xbee interface, optionally extends the 6 analog pins on the typical ATMEGA microcontroller using two 4051 multiplexers and also the output pins using two 74HC595 8-bit serial-in, serial or parallel out shift registers. A transistor is added for wirelessly programming the ATMEGA that momentarily pulls the controller’s reset pin to ground. Power supply pins and connections to 4 servo motors are available. A voltage regulator ensures a constant 5V to the circuit. Compare this device (~$35) with the total cost of spending on an Arduino Board ($34.95) + Xbee Shield (79.95) = $114.9.

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