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This project aims at developing a one to many chat applet in order to build a Discussion Group online. The applet allows communication between one central server and multiple number of clients and also enables file transfer between the server and any of the clients which may supplement the discussion.

The communication will take place depending upon the IP addresses of the client. Multiple computers can login and be a part of the conference at the same time. The members will undergo an authentication process before joining the conference. For this the passwords will be stored in a separate file and then compared with the typed password for verification. If the password matches then the person is allowed to join the conference. Important files and data can be submitted or downloaded with the help of file transfer facility. Communication on the LAN is also possible

The chat applet is divided into 3 parts. The first part consists of a text box in which the conversation with the central server can be seen. Text and files can be exchanged with the help of certain tools. There is another small text box in which the text to be transferred during conversation is typed. The menu bar consists of the following

1) Chat Room : There is an option “View Users”. By selecting this option. to the right of the chat applet a column appears which displays the members who have logged in and also the members who are offline. The members that are online are highlighted. The option “Clear messages” clears the contents of the display window.

2) File: This tool is used for file transfer. There is a file upload option with the help of which we can upload files onto the server. To upload firstly the “upload file” option is selected. Then the required file is selected. The file transfer is indicated by the “Sending file” statement which appears on the status bar of the applet. After the file is transferred onto the server the statement” File sent” appears. There is another option named “Download file” by which the users can download the files which have been uploaded onto the server. When this option is selected a separate Download manager window appears which lists the files that have been uploaded. The required file is selected and the file can be downloaded by the user.

3) Help: There is an help option as well which gives a brief description of the applet and its developers.

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