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OpenColl is a new framework / platform / architecture in the domain of computer supported collaborative work (CSCW). By blending the advances in CSCW such as messaging, blogs, wikis, groupware, electronic meeting rooms, real-time file editing, resource sharing etc. with the key elements that have made standalone social networking portals attractive, OpenColl creates a whole new system for collaborating on various tasks such as academic / research projects by discovering like-minded people based on personal / professional interests through a network of socially connected individuals. It provides features such as creating and sharing units of work and resources, searching for individuals based on similarity and preference criteria, entity tagging based on keywords for creating a self-organizing and searchable system, building people connections, enhancing self and community knowledge, staying abreast with latest advances in one's domains of interest and many others all with the ease of organizing and keeping track of required and relevant information under one hood. Through these features OpenColl will help eliminate limitations of current CSCW methods such as over-reliance on email and search sites.

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