Omni Directional Robot (Fall 2007)

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Autonomous Multi-Axes Line Following Robot

This omni-directional robot is a line following robot. However, the key characteristics of this robot are that it is able to efficiently turn and follow multiple axes such as N-S-W-E as opposed to following just a single line. Moreover data can be wirelessly uploaded to this robot. The robot uses a grid pattern to move radially. It has four omniwheels that are arranged in a square. Mounted on the frame underneath each wheel are paired infrared sensors that monitor the board surface detecting the grid. Using a radio signal, the optional controller may direct the robot to move by one or several increments across the grid i.e. from one radial intersection to the other. To move diagonally, the robot rotates 45 degrees and moves forward or back. The robot continually corrects its direction with data from its sensors. These deviations are small and give the illusion of smooth motion. The robot uses its left and right sensors to detect the intersection.


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