M-CLE: An Embodied Constructivist Learning Environment

1. Overview of the Learning Environment | Download Karan's UCI Masters Thesis


M-CLE is an Embodied Constructivist Learning Environment that is based on three key design concepts:

a. Learning through Assimilation and Accommodation
b. Learning through Embodiment
c. Learning through Design

M-CLE is a physical learning environment in which synergistic artificial intelligence through the use of robots (creative agents) is employed to embellish the creativity of the child. In M-CLE, the child uses a modified Fischer Price SmartCycle (that is wirelessly enabled by replacing the proprietary microcontroller with a custom microcontroller) to create floor art through a black creative agent that is embellished by the other agents using synergistic AI techniques. Many thanks to my committee members Prof. Simon Penny, Prof. Kavita Philip and Prof. Sven Bernecker

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User Interaction Design


Creative Agents

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