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folk.JPG is an online platform for people with shared interests who want to hook up with each other for a variety of interests:

1. Communication (IM, Emails, SMS etc).
2. Experience Sharing (Blogs, Photo albums, etc)
3. Discovery of old contacts
4. Making new contacts
5. Relationship Management
6. News, Sports.(collaborative or competitive)
7. Cohort groups etc.

This project was initiated as part of our Software Engineering Curriculam and is an ongoing development project by myself and other developers in my team. We have come up with source code version 1.1 and are working to add more features and putting the whole experience online soon. Online interactive communities which tailor to the needs of internet users are the current buzzword as comprehensive user portals enter the web space attracting thousands of users. Our effort to get a pie of this space will continue as a need to exploit the net's interaction platform and offer a comprehensive solution to the requirement of different web users

This product is a web based application with a network of users using the service to communicate and stay in touch with each other. It requires a web browser with an internet connection and a server supporting PHP and a MySQL database.This web service performs the following functions:

· It allows user to create his profile.

· It allows a user to add another user to his list of friends.

· Search for users with common interests from the user database.

· Join groups, form tribes.

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