Contiki Chess

1. Overview


Contiki Chess is a port of my custom chess engine to the Contiki platform which is a small, open source, highly portable, multitasking computer operating system developed for use on a number of memory-constrained networked systems ranging from 8-bit computers to embedded systems on microcontrollers, including sensor network motes. The name Contiki comes from Thor Heyerdahl's famous Kon-Tiki raft. Despite providing multitasking and a built-in TCP/IP stack, Contiki only needs a few kilobytes of code and a few hundred bytes of RAM. A full system, complete with a graphical user interface, needs about 30 kilobytes of RAM. The basic kernel and most of the core functions were developed by Adam Dunkels at the Networked Embedded Systems group at the Swedish Institute of Computer Science.

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